48HFP 2013 #tbt

In just over 24 hours we’ll be embarking on our second run at the 48 Hour Film Project here in Pittsburgh under our creative team Blind Tiger Films. So for this throwback thursday, it seemed only appropriate to reflect back on what we learned during last year’s inaugural run. And in true buzzfeed fashion, we made it into a list, complete with witty phrases and semi-related pictures.

1. Make a schedule.

organization, color code, 48 hour film, pittsburgh, blind tiger films
Keeping everything organized with color-coded forms

And then be willing to break that schedule.

2. Sleep is a luxury.

Caffeine caffeine caffeine
Caffeine caffeine caffeine


Stock up on caffeine, food, and basic survival materials like the zombie apocalypse is about to hit.

3. Goodwill is an invaluable resource.

goodwill, cat, second hand, 48 hour film
Just a taste of Edith’s favorite Goodwill cat items

Plus they open early.

4. Spray paint takes time to dry.

48 hour film, pittsburgh
You never know how D.E.A.D. will call, but you can bet it will be stylish.

But can do wonders with creating death machines.

5. Have a script supervisor.

Shredding important D.E.A.D. forms
Shredding important D.E.A.D. forms

Or two, in case one loses the script.

6. Tape down electrical cords.

Accident reconstruction. No one was seriously injured during the filming of this scene.
Accident reconstruction. No one was seriously injured during the filming of this scene.

And watch out for traffic.

7. If you trip over a cord, knock over a light stand, and grab the broken light bulb by its interior circuit board while it’s still plugged in…

Seriously. Don't do it.
Seriously. Trust Edith. Don’t do it.


you’re going to have a bad time.

8. If you’re filming barefoot in a Pittsburgh alley…

Sharks in Pittsburgh.
We might need a bigger boat this year


broken glass may be the least of your problems.

9. Enlist a baby, kid, or puppy, and then have them do something contrary to their inherently cute nature.

48 hour film, pittsburgh, video production, cat
Edith’s Christmas cat ornament

Or buy all the awkward cat things.

10. Have fun with it.

special effects makeup, fun, 48 hour film
Having fun on set

But get it in on time.