A Music Video for Every Kind of Story

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It’s no secret that we love to tell stories. The music in a film really drives the emotion, nudges the viewer to notice subtle nuances, sets the tone, and builds suspense. A music video does all of that, and tells a story, in 3 minutes. Pretty cool.

Custom Storytelling

Have a brilliant song that demands a visual counterpart? That’s where we come in. We work with you to develop a concept for your music video and help you scout for locations. We then write the script, film the music video, and edit it into the perfect complement to your latest single for easy sharing on Vimeo, YouTube, social media, and your own website. Whether it’s a six second ditty or a twelve minute epic, we’ll help you tell your song’s story.

Happy Friday: award-winning music video built on fun

The concept behind the music video for Don McAvoy & the Great Whatever’s ‘Happy Friday’ was built on fun, because that’s what fuels this rock and roll band. The narrative portion of the music video plays in contrast to the upbeat nature of the song, and allows for some play with what it means to have a ‘Happy Friday.’ Based out of Collegeville, PA, this group of guys knows how to play a great show, and have a lot of fun while filming at the Dawson Street Pub in the Manayunk section of Philadelphia. In October, the music video won the award for Best Rock Music Video from Akademia Awards. We love how this video turned out, and had a lot of fun filming it with these guys. Don’t worry, Josh didn’t make it far with that beer.


Yuengling: sing-along music video for a love ditty

After filming ‘Happy Friday,’ Don McAvoy & the Great Whatever had us back at Dawson Street Pub to film a short music video for the track ‘Yuengling’ off their new album, “There’s Time Between the Bridge and the Water.” It’s a very short song (roughly nine seconds), so to make the music video for the song catchier, we added a sing-along element. The music video is from the perspective of a Yuengling bottle that has the honor of being with the band when it practices, when it writes, and when it performs.


A Feral Palace: metal and winter music video

Admittedly this music was outside our usual wheelhouse (in that it wasn’t Bruce Springsteen, Taylor Swift, or Meat Loaf), but we were so fortunate to have A Feral Palace contact us to film a music video for this song, because it was one of the coolest (and coldest) shoots we’ve had to date. A song about trying to move on from a bad relationship, we wanted there to be a sense of despair, hopelessness, and surrealism in the video, but not between a couple. A huge fan of Harry Potter, Amanda about jumped out of her seat when Josh suggested having the pictures in a photo album come to life. Moving photographs? Yes please! We filmed a live performance at Cattivo in Lawrenceville, and the bulk of the video at Dan Marino Field in South Oakland. We even had Dan Marino tourists stop by to watch the filming, which took place on his namesake’s very snowy and icy baseball field.


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