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What do you do with the footage your dog filmed on a GoPro at your wedding?

There’s no denying the sheer cuteness of having your dog be your ring bearer at your wedding, or strapping a GoPro on their back to film the day for you. We would have given Zira a GoPro for our wedding, but I’m pretty sure she would have just laid down, and maybe tried to eat it. I guess it’s not really a job for cats. But dogs? They’re much more inclined to follow people around, and be able to stay upright with a small camera on their back. If your dog filmed your wedding day with a GoPro, chances are you have a long, adorable video of your excited companion running around you, your now spouse, and your guests. Unfortunately, you also will have tons of footage of the grass, the sky, and possibly your dog doing his business. Not exactly what you want in a wedding video, and that’s where we come in.

Have us edit your dog’s footage into a Love Story wedding video!

A few months ago we had the opportunity to interview Allison and Josh about their upcoming wedding in Minnesota, and they shared with us some exciting news: their dog Lola was going to capture their wedding ceremony with a GoPro! It was obvious from our first communication with them that their three dogs were a huge part of their family, and we knew they were extremely excited about being able to have their dogs participate in the wedding. And really, how stinking cute is Lola with that camera and her “I do, too” bandana?

Lola took her job very seriously, and made sure she greeted every guest, the wedding party, and Allison, and Josh. But, as dogs will do, she also spent a long time chasing butterflies in a field (because who wouldn’t?), weighing the nutritional value of grass, eating grass, and contemplating jumping into a pool to cool off. Adorable? Obviously. A bit long and off-topic for a wedding video? Yes.

After the wedding, Allison and Josh gave us Lola’s GoPro footage to edit into a watchable wedding video. We took Lola’s excellent footage, combined it with some guest shots of Lola working hard, and created this Love Story video for Allison and Josh, from Lola’s point of view.

Their Love Story wedding video is adorable, funny, ridiculously happy, and full of love and their three dogs, because that’s what their wedding day was (and probably how every day since has been and will be). I can’t help smiling every time I watch this. But don’t tell Zira, she’ll think I’ve turned into a dog person.


Did your dog capture some awesome GoPro footage at your wedding, and now you’re looking for something to do with it? Cinebard Films, LLC. is a Pittsburgh-based videography company that loves to tell stories: big stories, small stories, love stories, and dog-filmed love stories, like the one you’ve just watched. We’re passionate and dedicated to our craft, and no matter what story you want to tell, we can help you bring it to life. So let’s take a look at your dog’s GoPro wedding footage, and make you an unforgettable Love Story from your favorite pet’s point of view!