Basic Zombie Makeup

Zombies are everywhere. They’re multiplying and they show no signs of dying. If this were the apocalypse, you’d want a shiv to take out the horde, but I’m not talking about the apocalypse. Zombies have replaced glittified vampires as the new sexy creature of the darkness. At least there aren’t any weird zombie romances, mainstream, yet. Regardless, in this age that is slightly zombie obsessed, it can’t hurt to learn how to become a zombie. For next week’s episode of The Walking Dead, show up at your friend’s house as a zombie. Or, better yet, film a short of you as a zombie, invite people over, and play that instead of Walking Dead. Will they know the difference, you ask? If you can pretend that the gun you are firing has recoil and a limited magazine size, then yes, they will notice. But not because of the makeup.

Becoming a zombie can be as simple as 1-2-3, especially if you’re keen on being a “fresh” zombie. Below is a starter tutorial that shows how you can begin your transformation into a zombie.  You’ll just need to get ready like you do everyday, with a few minor modifications.  Don’t fret – open cuts, decayed flesh, and gunshot wounds will come later.

Put on your makeup, brush your teeth, do your hair. It’s that simple. Remember to have fun with it, and to have a good makeup remover on hand. I recommend the makeup remover towelettes.