Cake&Whiskey HobNob: Event Photography

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Here it is – our very first event photography blog post! Taking photos of a gathering of boss ladies eating cake, drinking whiskey, and talking shop? Now that is what I call a fabulous networking event.

Cake&Whiskey; the Sweet and Spirited World of Business 

Cake&Whiskey is an internationally read magazine. It publishes stories about amazing women at every stage in their career journeys. A Cake&Whiskey woman, as described on their website, is a woman

who exudes an inner passion for something beyond mediocre~ beyond the rules established in business and life. Who looks at obstacles as stepping stones and set-backs as learning curves

Cake&Whiskey hobnobs are held quarterly in cities throughout the US. At these gatherings, women have the opportunity to network while enjoying cake and whiskey, and discussing their career passions, ideas, and dreams. The Pittsburgh Chapter hosted its August HobNob at Wigle Whiskey Distillery in the Strip District. It was packed with delicious cakes, spirited whiskeys, and inspiring businesswomen. Don’t miss out on the next HobNob by keeping in touch with the Pittsburgh Chapter through their Facebook page.

Event Photography by Cinebard Films

While video is our specialty, sometimes photos are a really fun way to tell a story. Event photography is a fantastic way to capture the tone of an event, share memories with attendees on social media, and use in future promotional materials. Cinebard Films offers event photography and videography to fit the needs of your event.