A Common Crown “Seventeen Lies” | Music Video

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A performance-based music video requires several ingredients to turn it from mediocre to gripping and awesome. What are those ingredients? Obviously, a killer song and a band with a rocking stage presence. The song Seventeen Lies, and the band A Common Crown, certainly checked off those boxes. Having a private concert while we filmed this song was nothing short of an awesome experience, and a pretty cool way to spend a Sunday.

Alright, great song and great band – check. Next on the list? A venue. There are tricks of the trade to use to make almost any venue look like something else, but starting out with a solid venue, where you can control the light and sound, makes it a million times easier.

Speaking of light control, great looking music videos often use professional lighting to really set the mood. For this video, we got to work with Strobe Lighting, and they were amazing to work with. They provided the perfect ambiance with lights, effects, and fog, turning Sidebar into one badass stage. We worked together to make sure each shot was lit perfectly for the tone and mood of the video, and it showed on camera. There’s really no substitute for an awesome lighting guy.

And the final ingredient? Someone who knows how to put that all together. A videographer with a great camera, an eye for cinematography, and an ear for editing it all together. Yep, we’ve got that covered, too.

And with that, you take all the ingredients, bake it at 400 degrees, and dig in before you let it cool. It might burn your mouth, but damn does it taste good.



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