Custom Save the Dates

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Wedding Save the Dates tend to follow a typical formula:

               Engagement Photo + Fancy Typography = Postcard/Magnet Save the Date

It’s a tried and tested formula, and it works for most wedding couples. It probably would have worked for us, but we didn’t have an engagement session booked yet. So we figured this was an opportunity to do something outside the box. We were already shucking tradition by making a video invitation, so why not have a little fun with the save the dates too?

When we booked our wedding reception venue at the Clocktower Restaurant, like any good eighties kid, we couldn’t help but think of Back to the Future. While a BTTF themed wedding sounded awesome didn’t seem like the right fit, we wanted to do something to honor the clocktower. One day while cleaning out her closet Amanda came across her red puffy vest from high school (really, when will she ever wear it?) when lightning struck (pun intended)… Back to the Future themed Save the Dates!

Instead of recreating the movie poster, we created a postcard based on the “Save the Clocktower” flyer in the original movie.

custom Back to the Future themed save the date
Our custom Back to the Future themed wedding save the date.

Video is of course our passion, but we love to create and play in other media formats as well. So if you’re looking for a custom save the date, birthday party invitation, or graduation announcement, then look no further. We’ll help bring your idea to life on screen or in print.