Family Matters

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As we prepared for our vacation to Block Island, Josh and I took on a couple independent projects. This being the first time we would be away from our kitten for an extended period of time, I wanted to make sure that my parents knew everything there was to know about Zira before she went to Camp Grandma & Grandpa. Truthfully, the instructions were ten times as long as what is normally left for a babysitter, and I’m okay with that. My real pride, however, is in the Zira-POV video about her own rules for Camp G&G. Unsurprisingly, she really enjoyed taking over the camp, and is now happy to be back in her own house.

At the same time, Josh was preparing for a travel video we would take while on vacation. Little did I know, this was all a ruse. Under the guise of a captivating panning shot of an old-fashioned New England lighthouse and stark bluffs against a sunset backdrop, Josh proposed. I said yes, of course. What started as a travel video in my mind quickly transformed into an engagement video once we returned to the mainland. It was amazing (and actually quite funny at times) to see our reactions captured on camera. In case you had any doubts, video really is amazing at capturing all of those emotions.

Soon we’ll be posting Zira’s instructional video and the engagement video, as well as a very cool commercial for the Western PA Humane Society, and a short romantic comedy film. Until then, enjoy the adorable picture above.