FAQ: Digital Delivery of HD Wedding Videos

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Q: Are your wedding videos in HD?

Q: How do you deliver wedding videos?

Digital Delivery of HD Wedding Videos

We are always shocked when we get this first question. But then we do some searching, and we find that some companies still offer standard definition video. Crazy, right? It’s 2017. Rest assured, we ALWAYS film and deliver in HD, so you know you are always getting the highest image quality with Cinebard Films. Because we pride ourselves on always delivering high quality high-definition videos, we do not deliver videos on DVD. Instead, we digitally deliver your videos.

What is digital delivery?

It’s pretty simple, really; computer science degree not required. We make it super easy for you to share and have your wedding videos the same moment that we finish them. Technology really is pretty awesome.

For every Love Story Film, we upload it directly to Vimeo where you can immediately and easily share your video, and download it for yourself. See? Simple.

For the longer videos in some of our packages, we use Google Drive to share the HD files of the final edited videos with you. Google Drive works just like DropBox, so you can download the files directly from Drive, and then watch and share away!

You have full and free rein to share your wedding videos, upload the files to your wedding website or social media pages, or burn the files onto DVDs for family members, and most importantly, watch them forever 🙂


If you’re getting married and are interested in having a wedding video that is tailored to you and your fiance, check out our wedding page, and contact us to start talking about telling your love story!