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Q: Do we get the raw footage from our wedding?

A: No

What is Raw Footage?

Gone are the days of a single video camera sitting on a tripod in a corner and recording every second of a wedding day in a static way. And let me tell you, that is a good thing! At the end of each wedding night, we upload hundreds and hundreds of video and audio clips – the raw footage from your wedding day – that we will work with to create your wedding videos. These clips, in their raw form, are unedited, un-synced files. That means the the video and audio clips are not synced together, they are files (not playable movie files like your finished video), and have not been color graded, color corrected, or audio leveled. There are hundreds of these unedited clips because we use multiple cameras and multiple audio recording devices to capture your wedding day authentically and organically. That means we move around the action, re-positioning ourselves and sometimes dancing with your guests to capture events as they happen. We test our equipment throughout the day to make sure we are all set to go when you come out onto the dance floor, which means we sometimes film each other dancing in the center of the dance floor, a la Fred Astaire in Royal Wedding. The “raw footage” from your wedding is just the building blocks of your finished videos, and not something that we deliver.

We Deliver Curated, Hand-Crafted, Professionally-Edited Wedding Videos

Instead, we deliver curated, hand-crafted, professionally edited wedding videos. We sync our video and audio clips together, apply color grading and color correction to the video files to fit the style of your wedding video, and level the various audio sources in your video to bring you crisp, clear sound. Every package comes with the curated, personalized Love Story film – a highlight video that tells the story of your wedding day, crafted to your personal style and love story.

Additionally, our higher packages include a full video of the ceremony, toasts, and special dances. For these, we again take that raw footage, and sync, perfect, and professionally edit it together seamlessly to transform it into a watchable video of your entire ceremony, the toasts at the reception, and the first dance and parent dances.

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In Action Photo from Shannon Moffit Photography


For a curated, hand-crafted, professionally-edited wedding video, check out our wedding page and contact us to tell your love story!