FAQ: What is your wedding day schedule?

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Since we tend to get excellent and repeat questions from our awesome clients, we thought it would make sense to start a blog series answering some of the most frequently asked wedding videography questions. Without further ado, first up on the chopping block:

Q: What is your typical wedding day schedule like?

A: It depends.

Custom Schedules to Fit Your Wedding Day

While we would love to be able to give you a clear cut, no-frills, definite here (and everywhere), that just isn’t possible. Why? Because like our love stories, our wedding day schedules are tailored to YOUR wedding day. Just like no two weddings are alike, no two wedding schedules are alike. As your videographers it’s not our place to force a pre-made schedule onto you and expect you to rearrange your entire wedding day or add events you weren’t planning to do. It’s not our wedding day; we already made the schedule for ours in 2015, and it was complicated and fantastic, and ours. This is YOUR wedding, with YOUR events, and YOUR style.


Schedule the Big Moments

So how do we figure out our schedule? First, you schedule the big moments of the day, and then we’ll work our schedule around them. It goes without saying that our videography schedule is going to be highly dependent on your own wedding day timeline and the schedule you make for the big events with your DJ and your venues. The timing of these events will vary from couple to couple, and may affect what additional events we can capture.  That’s why we work with you in the month leading up to your wedding to tweak our schedules together, and make sure we are able to capture the most important parts of your day. Because let’s be honest, you don’t know the timing of your bouquet toss eight months in advance, nor should you. There are more important things to worry about, like cake tastings.

As a guidepost, we work approximately 10 hours at every wedding.  We adjust the details we capture based on what each couple cares about the most, but there are certain events at every wedding that we always capture, no matter what package you book. Bonus: this makes for an easy upgrade after the wedding day!

Getting Ready

We absolutely love being able to spend some time with both of the soon-to-be newlyweds before they get hitched. The excitement. The giggles. The mimosas. Just perfection. Everybody gets ready differently. For some people, they don’t want us there when their hair and makeup aren’t done yet, and others really want snippets of their friends laughing and having fun during the morning, while still other couples get ready together or dozens of miles apart. Sometimes we’ll start the day bright and early, capturing hair, makeup, groomsmen and bridesmaids arriving, and the fun of the morning. Sometimes we start shortly before you get dressed. It totally depends on your timeline for the day, and what’s important to you for your Love Story Film.

Pro-tip: Get ready near each other and near the ceremony venue – it gives us (and likely your photographers) bonus time with you that is otherwise spent traveling! And don’t forget to give yourself plenty of time to get to the ceremony after you get dressed.

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No matter what package you book, we capture the entire ceremony. Before anybody walks down the aisle, we head over to the ceremony site to get set up. For audio we place a small lavalier microphone on the groom or officiant to capture the vows, and we use secondary (and tertiary!) methods of audio capture for the readings and music. For video, we have 2-3 cameras that move around to capture the whole ceremony. We then take all of that footage and use pieces of it for your Love Story Film. If you upgrade to a package including a ceremony video, we compile and edit all of that material together to create your ceremony video. Easy peasy!

Pro-tip: Check with your venue beforehand to see if there are any restrictions on where your videographer and photographer are able to stand/move around. Some churches have very strict guidelines about where we are allowed to be during the ceremony, and knowing that beforehand really helps streamline our set-up.


Just like the ceremony, no matter what package you book us for, we will capture the entirety of the toasts, first dance, and special dances. We incorporate portions of those into every Love Story film, and it makes it super easy for you to upgrade after hearing literally the best maid of honor speech ever. And, just like the ceremony, we head over to the reception venue to get set up before the bridal party rolls into the party. We work with your DJ or band to plug our audio recorder directly into their sound board to capture the highest quality audio from the speeches through the microphones. We again use secondary (and tertiary!) audio sources to capture ambient sound and the speeches, and have two cameras capturing all of the big moments at the reception. If you have any additional special events going on during your reception – say, a musical roast or a trivia game, let us know and we’ll be sure to capture that too! And if you’re having a grand exit from the reception, we’ll arrange our schedule to accommodate a later evening.

Pro-tip: Work with your DJ or wedding planner to keep the main events of your reception together and early, so that your family and friends can have the remainder of the night to see you, and dance the night away! This also gives us more leeway to spend more time with you in the morning, if you want that, or more time in the evening to capture crazy dancing or a spectacular sendoff.

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Directed Shots

For the majority of the day we are a fly on the wall, pseudo-documentary filmmakers. We’re there to move with the action and capture the emotions and highlights of the day that you will want to see again and again, and that you may have missed in the excitement of GETTING MARRIED. That’s not to say that we won’t direct you a teensy bit. At some point during the day, we will take you aside for a brief period of time to get some stylized shots. A kiss with a certain backdrop, a twirl, a walk, a laugh. This may occur during your scheduled photo shoot time, and we’ll work with your photographer to get the shots that we both need, or at some point during the reception for those gorgeous night shots. These directed shots bring your love story to life on screen, and give your wedding video a film-like quality. Plus they’re just fun.

Pro-tip: Have fun and be you. Let us know beforehand if there is something special that you want in your wedding video, like, say, an 80s music video or an interview with Grandpa 🙂

Sample Schedule

But since you came here with a question about schedules, here is one from last year to give you an idea of what a schedule might look like. Keep in mind, though, that our schedules do vary immensely from wedding to wedding depending on each couple’s timeline and the venue locations. This particular schedule was for a wedding where the bride and groom got ready in the same place where the ceremony and reception were, which gave us lots of bonus time to capture the grounds and them!

12:00 PM Film bride getting ready

2:00 PM Film groom getting ready

3:00 PM Film first look and some fun directed shots

4:30 PM Set up for the ceremony, and film ceremony details

5:30 PM Film ceremony

6:30 PM Set up for reception, and film part of cocktail hour and reception details

7:10 PM Film reception events: introductions, first dance, special dances, toasts, cake cutting

8:00 PM Eat dinner

8:30 PM Film dancing, all the fun at the reception, and a few more fun night shots of the bride and groom

10:00 PM Pack up to head home and start editing!

Here’s the bottom line.

We work with you to capture the most important parts of your day during the 10-ish hours we are with you. We talk with you beforehand, and we tweak our schedules together so that on the day of your wedding, you have one less thing to worry about, and more time to dig into that cookie table.


If you’re getting married and are interested in having a wedding video that is tailored to you and your fiance, check out our wedding page, and contact us to start talking about telling your love story!