The First Step

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Roughly two years ago we found ourselves sitting with several successful alumni from a different era. We were on the cusp of graduating, and were doing so with no prospect of work in our chosen field. One alumni said to us, sagely, “Find your passion and the rest will follow.” At the time this was not quite as helpful as “my firm loves to hire alumni, call me tomorrow and I’ll set you up.” We found jobs in our field, but the advice remained in the back of our minds until Summer 2013.

48HFP, video production, pittsburgh
Scene from our first 48HFP short: “Hello my name is Abraham Lewbowitz”

That summer we rekindled a hobby of Josh’s from high school – making short films with friends that make people laugh. We participated in the Pittsburgh 48-Hour Film Project, and had an amazing time creating our Pittsburgh debut short film, “Hello my name is Abraham Lewbowitz.” Having only 48 hours to write, shoot, and edit the movie, working with a new crew of friends for the first time, and jumping back in after a long hiatus, the film was not necessarily Oscar material. It was, however, very well received, funny, and a blast to make. Once the caffeine-induced hysteria of that weekend wore off, we asked our friends when we could start working on the next short film.

pittsburgh video zombie makeup
Testing two different kinds of zombie makeup

For the next film we had more than 48 hours in which to work, but we still wanted to keep ourselves on a tight schedule so that it did not turn into a year-long project. We upgraded our sound and lighting equipment and enlisted more friends to have fun working on the film with us. Again we tried to do something unique and unexpected, and so we made a short about social etiquette at a zombie dinner party. It was once again well received, funny, and a blast to make. But what surprised and encouraged us was how much we were able to improve from one film to the next just by learning from our mistakes during the 48-Hour Film Project, and it showed in the quality of the film.
Plus I got to learn how to do special effects makeup, which was awesome (and quite handy for Halloween).

When we started planning the next film something struck us. This was not just Josh’s hobby. This was a passion for both of us. So we started talking and this is what we came up with. We love videography from the feet up. In our several projects we have done so far, we have played the role of director, producer, screenplay writer, composer, singer, audio recordist, boom operator, visual effects artist, special effects makeup artist, actor, location scout, editor, sound effects artist, lighting director, still photographer, prop maker, and occasional caterer. One Internet source labelled us as “preditors”, but we prefer to be called a one-stop resource for videography, photography, and editing services. In short, Cinebard Films, LLC.

This is a new venture for us, but one that we could not be more excited about. We have the equipment and skills to shoot, edit, and deliver a polished film bringing to life your ideas, your event, your song. We are not quitting our day jobs yet and moving to Hollywood to shoot the new Star Wars film for J.J. Abrams. Instead, we are staying in Pittsburgh and promising to provide outstanding video production at unbeatable prices (with no hidden fees). We are doing this because we love it and we want to use our passion for good.