Fullbody Fitness Club promotional video

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This latest project holds a special place in my dancer heart: a promotional video for Fullbody Fitness Club, a boutique fitness studio located in Brentwood, PA.

If you’re looking for something to pull you up and out of the grind of the usual gym routine, Fullbody Fitness Club has the answer. This fitness studio is anything but ordinary. Recently featured in Next Pittsburgh as one of Pittsburgh’s top 5 “cool and unusual gyms,” you get a complete body workout while dangling from the ceiling like a Cirque du Soleil performer in their Aerial Silks class. In addition to Aerial Silks, they also offer classes in Aerial Hoop, Trapeze, Pole, Cabarret, Zumba, BaMbics Hip Hop Dance, PiYo, Kids Circus, and Strength & Conditioning with (former Cirque performer) Mark Freeman.

This promotional video showcases the uniqueness that is Fullbody Fitness Club. They promise no more boring workouts, and they more than deliver. Aerial silks is such a fun class that you won’t even realize you’re working out while having a blast with the other students and getting encouragement and one-on-one help from the teachers. That is, until the next day when you realize you were using almost every muscle in your body to create all those beautiful poses on the silks. There really isn’t another workout like it, and we hope this video helps give you the nudge the try it out for yourself at http://www.fullbodyfitnessclub.com/


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