Getting dramatic with Professor Buzzkill

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Last October, Professor Buzzkill contacted us to help him make a Kickstarter video for a history myth-busting podcast and blog. Being a very proud history grad, I was stoked about this project both professionally and personally. We wanted to make sure the Professor got funded, and the Professor wanted to stand out from other history podcasts by injecting humor into his myth-busting.  The result? Two Kickstarter videos with a Monty Python flair, special effects, and corny jokes, and a very approachable Professor Buzzkill. And full funding!

Since then the Professor’s been plugging away busting history myths, and he reached a milestone last month. 10,000 downloads in one month! That’s huge for a new podcast and he wanted to celebrate with a new video. We could have done a generic thank you message to all of his listeners and readers (“Buzzkillers”), but the Professor is more complicated than that, and we wanted to not only thank the Buzzkillers, but entertain them. Plus it’s fun to turn success stories into creative stories.

What we created is an over-the-top dramatic piece. In it, the Professor shows a more sensitive side, and demonstrates just how much it means to him that people want to listen to him bust myths. It’s over the top and fun, and exactly what we imagined.


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