Inside Edition features our footage of Pittsburgh’s Hero Bride

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Every time we’re hired to film a wedding, music video, web series, or promotional video, we have the unique opportunity to meet some of the coolest, sweetest, funniest, most enthusiastic, crazy-in-love-with-something-or-someone, people. And let me tell you, it makes our job so much (more!) fun. Our clients are awesome, and we are so lucky to have had the chance to make so many new friends. I could literally gush about them for weeks, but we generally try to let our videos do the gushing, praising, and storytelling for us.

Earlier this month, though, we got a unique email from Inside Edition about featuring one of our new friends. This is not to brag about us (all we did was film their wedding day, we didn’t save any lives, as far as I know), but we’re incredibly proud of the couple involved, and it’s pretty cool to see your footage of a couple on Inside Edition, so we thought it was worth a share.

On June 11, 2016, we had the opportunity to fill in for a fellow videographer, and film Julie and Andrew’s gorgeous wedding at The Pennsylvanian. We spent the day with them, capturing one of the best days of their lives, and since these sweethearts met playing tennis, we even got to have a little fun on the courts between the ceremony and reception. It was a beautiful day, with a beautiful celebration of love and family.

While they celebrated their nuptials, downtown Pittsburgh celebrated the Three Rivers Arts Festival and Pittsburgh Pride, so needless to say, it was packed downtown that night. On the way to their hotel, the newlyweds passed an unconscious woman, and someone started yelling for a nurse to help because the woman wasn’t breathing. Julie, a nurse, immediately ran over, gave the woman CPR, and brought her back to consciousness before EMS arrived. Nurses are seriously amazing, and Julie is no exception to that.

Well, because Julie was in her wedding dress, and we live in the social media age, the story got picked up quickly, and Inside Edition wanted to do a feature on them. As the couple who took video of their wedding day, we were asked to put a little something together for them to air with the story. It’s not anything fancy like our usual Love Story Films, but it’s a micro-story of their wedding day, and it was featured on national television, so… we’re still in shock and immensely humbled to have been able to provide video to showcase how amazing this couple is, for the whole world to see.