A Movie Trailer Marriage Proposal

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The trailer doesn’t lie, this is based on actual events.

When you want to propose to your girlfriend with a fake movie trailer

Last year, Josh (no relation) contacted us with a brilliant idea – he wanted to create a movie trailer to propose to his girlfriend. Josh came up with an idea that the fake movie should be about the search for a ‘being,’ which would be revealed to be his soon-to-be fiancée at the end.  With that, we set to work writing a script and planning a shoot around Josh’s awesome concept.

Filming Finding Megan

After script development and casting, we were ready to film. Josh told Megan he had to go into work for the morning, but we really spent the morning filming at Work Hard Pittsburgh and Schenley Park.

After a fun day of filming, we put together this creepy trailer for “Finding Megan.”

Then we waited for the big night. And for someone who admittedly was terrible at keeping secrets, Josh managed to keep this proposal a surprise through the planning, filming, and waiting process.

The Screening and Live Proposal

On June 3, 2016, the fake movie trailer for “Finding Megan” debuted on the big screen at The Hollywood Theater in Dormont before Cinema 412‘s screening of Fargo. We hid in plain sight as “documentarians on single-screen movie theaters in Pittsburgh” to capture the screening and proposal. But our elaborate backstory didn’t matter much, because we captured on Josh’s hidden microphone that Megan actually thought we were bootleggers. Don’t worry Coen Brothers, we did not bootleg Fargo.

Megan’s reactions were priceless, and the proposal was so sweet and emotional. We took this unbelievably sweet proposal, mixed it with the creepy trailer, and now Josh and Megan can share with everyone how they decided to get married. Pretty cool!

Oh, and she said yes. Well, actually, she said ABSOLUTELY!

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