We’re not always love stories and commercial videos. Sometimes, we love to exercise our creative video-making muscles on fun projects meant simply to entertain. One of our favorite opportunities to make these sorts of fun, narrative videos is the Pittsburgh 48 Hour Film Horror Project. This was our submission, which was made entirely in 48 hours, from writing, to shooting, to editing, to post-production. We like to think it’s got a sort of Twilight Zone feel to it. Even better, it stars Christopher Wright, who won this years Best Actor/Scream King award for his amazing, and slightly disturbing, performance.


Synopsis: An animal psychologist with questionable methods loses his license, and maybe his mind, as the ghosts of the wrongs of his past catch up to him in a big way.

  • Project Type: 48 Hour Film Project Video
  • Awards: Best Actor/Scream King - Christopher Wright
  • Project Year: 2015