Pre-Wedding Interview Video | Sara + Yuseff

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A South Side Love Story

Sara + Yuseff’s Pre-Wedding Interview Video

When you look up “pre-wedding interview video” in the dictionary, this is what you’ll find. Trust me, this is how a couple tells their love story in their own words. With simple honesty and undeniable love.

Sara and Yuseff started their journey together one evening in the South Side of Pittsburgh. It only made sense for us to meet up with them in the South Side for their interview, but this time it was on a drizzly Fall morning, just weeks before their wedding. Completely unscripted, their impromptu answers to questions they didn’t even anticipate made for one of the most heartwarming, endearing, and smile-enducing love stories we’ve told so far.

We cannot wait to capture the next chapter in their love story in November. We can already tell that theirs is going to be a wedding video for the books. For now, brighten your day with their Pre-Wedding Interview Video!

Want a pre-wedding interview video for your wedding? Contact us to find out how we can help you tell your own love story. Trust us, it is the most fun you will have wedding planning, besides maybe cake tasting. You just can’t beat free cake. But a love story video in your own words? Now that will last forever.