Pre-Wedding Interviews

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Everyone knows a wedding film is the ideal way to share and relive the story of your wedding day. But what about your love story leading up to that big day? We’re glad you asked, because that’s where our Pre-Wedding Interview videos come in.

What’s a pre-wedding interview?

Josh and I meet up with you and your fiance before your wedding day at a cool off-site location to give you a chance to tell your love story in your own words. We’ll ask you and your fiance questions, together and separately. It gives you a chance to stop and talk with your fiance about the start of your relationship, what you’re looking forward to about your wedding day, and how awesome your marriage is going to be. It’s fun and laid back, unlike so much of the wedding planning process. Trust me, it’s so worth it.

What will my pre-wedding interview video be like?

We take a documentary approach to our pre-wedding interview videos. The style of the video itself will match the style of your unique love story. Most importantly, it will be your love story video, in your own words. Pretty cool. (don’t worry, we’ll help you by asking the right questions when you get stuck)

How do I share our pre-wedding interview video?

Before your wedding day we will provide you with a high quality digital file of your fully edited pre-wedding interview video so that you can easily upload it to Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, or your wedding website.

Can I share our pre-wedding interview at our wedding?

Of course! Pre-wedding interview videos are a fantastic way to tell your love story to your guests, without having to take time away from your wedding day to do so. As an add-on, we display your pre-wedding interview video during cocktail hour for any guests who want to find out more about your love story while they munch on hors d’ouevres and wait for your grand entrance!

Why do you offer pre-wedding interview videos?

We’re obviously big fans of pre-wedding interview videos. They’re fun, heart-warming, and are a really cool way to tell your love story in your own words. Check out some of our favorite pre-wedding interview moments below, and contact us to find out more about adding on your own pre-wedding interview video!