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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, there was a new business…

And that new business wanted to tell the whole universe about it’s awesome product, idea, service, solution to all the world’s problems. But without holograms or a functioning hyperdrive, it was hard to reach people across the galaxy.

Fast forward to today.

Social media is everywhere, and most especially, it is always right in front of someone’s eyeballs. And that someone could very well be your dream client. So… how do you engage them in this futuristic world (which has holograms, but still can’t make the jump past light speed)?

Tell your story…

Let’s say you’ve formed some sort of business entity for your product, service, or idea. That doesn’t mean that what you have to offer doesn’t have a story to tell, a heart behind it, a person that lives and breathes for what it does. It’s got you, and your dream clients will want to know the story behind your business, so tell them! As cinematic storytellers (cine-bard, get it?), we live to tell stories. Sometimes that’s a love story, sometimes it’s a screenplay, sometimes it’s a custom adventure story for our niece, and sometimes it’s the story of a business.

With a promotional video…

We tell our stories using video, and you should too, but not just because it’s fun. Making a promotional video with Cinebard Films isn’t just a canned word stream of what you do over a slideshow of still images. We work with you to tell YOUR story. Just like our love stories, no two promotional videos are exactly alike, because everyone has a different dream client base, and that’s who you want to reach with your promotional video.

So what does it mean to get a unique telling of your story? First, we throw you in the deep water. You need to dive deep and discover the story of your business. Doing this not only will help you develop great content, it will help you define your brand and hone in on who you want to reach. Then we meet again to discuss the story behind your business and how you want its story to be told. From there, we help you through the creative process and make you a promotional video that is tailored to your business, your story, and your dream clients.

Wondering what your promotional video will look like? We won’t really know that until we meet with you and talk about what you’re trying to achieve, what your business is all about, what your story is, and how you want to present it to your dream clients. We will work with you to help you focus on your message and find stunning locations as the backdrop for your promotional video. Always, though, we deliver high quality, high definition promotional videos tailored to the story of your business.

And put it out there, again and again!

So you have a promotional video, now what? At the risk of being redundant, we highly recommend promoting your promotional video! We host all of our client’s promotional videos on Vimeo so that they can easily share the video across social media platforms. As your business grows, and your brand changes, and you redevelop your website, don’t forget about your story. We are here to help you promote your business, with the perfect video for what you’re offering the world, at every stage of your business. Whether it’s Kickstarter, Facebook, Twitter, your own website, or a hologram-projected video into space, we’re here to tell your story.


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