Retelling a Love Story | New Life for Old Wedding Footage

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This summer we had the opportunity to retell a love story that was waiting to be told for years.

On August 22, 2009, Tiffany and Jerry got married. They said “I do,” kissed, danced, and celebrated the night with family and friends. Afterwards, they received some of the footage from their wedding day on mini DV tapes, but they did not receive a wedding video.

This year, for their anniversary, Tiffany contacted us to create a Love Story film for their wedding day, and we couldn’t wait to make them the wedding video they thought they had lost forever!

Converting old wedding footage

At Cinebard Films, we work with HD digital files for video editing, but mini DV tapes contain SD video, and can only be watched by placing the tapes inside a VHS mini cassette adaptor, and then playing them through a VCR. So we took the mini DV tapes that their videographer had given them in 2009 to Rewind Memories. The amazing folks at Rewind Memories converted the mini DV tapes for us so that we could edit the wedding footage into one of our signature love story films.

Creating a Love Story Film

Once we had the video files, we spoke with Tiffany about the style and music she wanted for her wedding video, and then set to work editing. The end product was a Love Story film, that told the story of Tiffany and Jerry’s wedding day, in a romantic way, set to romantically dramatic music.

The joy on Tiffany’s face when we delivered her final video left me speechless. She was so excited to surprise Jerry with one seriously awesome wedding anniversary gift, and we’re thrilled we were able to give them a Love Story wedding film that they can watch for years and years!


Cinebard Films is a Pittsburgh-based videography company that loves to tell stories. Usually we capture and tell new stories, but sometimes we get to go back in time to tell an older story, a hidden story, a story that was waiting to be told. Contact us today to tell your story!