Say “I do” to your furry family

Finding a place for your furry family at your wedding

We are cat people, so we totally get that cats don’t love to be outside. Or to act on command. Or really do anything they don’t feel like doing. Seriously, don’t even think about trying to put a GoPro on a cat.

But when couples ask us if they should incorporate their much more sociable dog into their wedding, we say absolutely!!! Your pup is part of your family. Sometimes that means having her crash your pre-wedding video or engagement photos, document your ceremony from their POV, or having a cut-out of your furry friend to dance with at your reception. All of these are way fun and way worth it (and the cut-out could even work for cats!). Plus, it’s a super sweet way to make your fur family part of such a special day.

Here are examples of some of our favorites. Kudos if you can get your cat to do any of these!


Pup at first sight

Both couples here were able to incorporate their pups into their pre-wedding interviews, and we loved meeting them!


Wedding Crashers

This VIP pup captured some unforgettable moments during Allison and Josh’s ceremony.


The Life of the Party

When your pup can’t be there, make a giant cut-out of her for the photo booth. She will inevitably find her way onto the dance floor.


Because our cats made us

We had a guest book at our wedding with our love story from Zira’s point of view. It was adorable, but she’s a little shy about it. So instead, Dewey (our newest cat) requested that we add a video we made awhile ago for other rescue cats, to bring a little cat/dog balance to this post.  It isn’t at all wedding-related, but the cats are super cute.