Shuttered Studios is out. Cinebard Films is in.

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We are so, unbelievably excited to share this news.

Effective as of the moment of this post, we are no longer Shuttered Studios. That name has served us well for a little over a year, but now is the time for a change.

We’ve grown over our first, very successful year, as individuals and as a production company. As a result of this growth and the things we’ve learned along the way, we’re now able to more clearly identify our creative goals in a way we couldn’t just a year ago.

We want to be storytellers. Everybody’s got a story to tell. Sometimes these stories are expressed in song, and sometimes in a new business idea. Often, these stories can be found in a quiet moment between two people who deeply care for each other.

Wherever these stories might be, we will be dedicated to telling them. Our passion for video hasn’t changed. Just as before, we’ll use every tool at our disposal to make your video project the best it can be.

What’s changed is not just our name, but our statement of what we can offer:

We’re Cinebard Films. We tell stories with video.