Sunburst School of Music promotional video

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We’re so unbelievably excited to share this latest story: a promotional video for Sunburst School of Music, located in Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


It was only a few years ago that a new friend of mine told me about a music school that he was launching.  As a music lover myself, I was intrigued.  What he and the other talented people at Sunburst ended up building was even more than I imagined: a true music school for music lovers, where students learn to play music by . . . actually playing music.


The results speak for themselves.  I’ve seen first-hand how dedicated the Sunburst instructors are to their students, and I’ve seen Sunburst students put on shows that rival most professional musicians.  When we started Cinebard Films, I knew one of the first commercial video projects I wanted to tackle was a promotional video for Sunburst.  More people need to know about this music school.


This promotional video is my love letter to Sunburst.  It features interviews with several notable Sunburst instructors, shots of the beautiful school itself, and most importantly, footage of Sunburst students learning and performing.  This short commercial should give you just a taste of what Sunburst has to offer.  Once you’ve watched it, make sure you check them out at