Wedding Tips from your Videographer: Be You

“But I’m not an offbeat bride.”

“But we’re not having a themed wedding.”

“But I’m just me.”

Well, just you, your love story is unique. You don’t need to have a Westworld LOTR rainbow unicorn themed wedding while wearing an orange tutu in a horse-drawn carriage covered in balloons and a proposal story rivaling the adorable romcom Leap Year. Yes, obviously that would qualify as unique. But so does two best friends getting married. So does writing your own vows, planting a tree, remembering loved ones, getting wedding advice from your grandparents, having your best man give his toast from overseas, every guest messaging you a selfie cheer, or all of your wedding guests breaking out spontaneously into a rousing rendition of Sto Lat.

planting tree wedding ceremony outdoor video


Or having one of your dogs be an important part of your wedding day.

Allison Josh Minnesota Pittsburgh GoPro Dog Wedding Video


Be honest with yourself when wedding planning so you can enjoy your wedding day. Include personal touches, however small, that show off something you love, or that means something to you as a couple. If you hate the color greenery (possibly just because of its unimaginative name), don’t have it as one of your wedding colors just because it’s the color of the year. If you want to walk down the aisle to Hedwig’s Theme, do it. (and yes, I did that).

If it’s going to rain on your wedding day, grab an umbrella and have some fun – we will too!

Dawn Mark wedding love story video Pittsburgh Marriott


Your wedding day is a celebration of you as a couple. It should feel like the best day ever, not like a uniform you have to put on but hate and can’t wait to get out of. So if that means having your best friend read part of The Velveteen Rabbit during your ceremony, do it, and know that people are going to love it and remember it because it’s you.

Your love story is unique because of the path that brought you there, of the people who are celebrating with you, and because of all the little moments that make up your wedding day.

It’s not any one thing that makes your love story unique, and it’s not necessarily something that you can plan, and that’s where we come in. At Cinebard Films we’re set on breaking the cookie cutter wedding video mold. It’s not because we hate cookies. Come on, we film weddings in Pittsburgh and we still can’t get enough cookies. We don’t follow the cookie cutter wedding video mold because that isn’t you as a couple. You’re not the same as the couple who got married the week before you or the year after you or the same day as you because you’re not them. You’re you, and we want to celebrate you. How do we do this? Besides dancing behind the lens, we customize our wedding films to you as a couple. That means we get to know you. And on your wedding day, we’re there to capture the emotions and the unplanned moments that make your love story and your wedding day unique. And then we take all of those moments to tell the story of your wedding day, so that you can relive it as often as you want, and find something new to love from your wedding day each time.


If you’re getting married and are interested in having a wedding video that is tailored to you and your fiance, check out our wedding page, and contact us to start talking about telling your love story!