Wedding Tips from Your Videographer: Picking Music

Dance to your own drumbeat

Music is extremely important to your love story film, so it’s no surprise that one of our most frequently asked questions is “how do you pick the music for our wedding video?” Since we don’t make cookie cutter wedding videos, that answer can really vary. But for every wedding couple, we use licensed music so that you can share your love story with everyone, everywhere. If music is extremely important to you, we’ll give you the links to our most frequently used music licensing sites, and you can let us know which songs would make your heart happy to hear as the background to your love story. If browsing thousands of songs feels daunting, we’ll talk to you about your music likes and dislikes, and we will do the leg work to find the perfect music to fit your style as a couple, and complement the story of your wedding day.

Sometimes, though, magic happens, and we find some of your music based on something extra special that happens on your wedding day. Like when a guest at Lauren and Paul’s wedding went onstage with his accordion to perform a surprise polka, and we just had to include it in their Love Story Film.


Or when Eric opened this adorable puppy, and it started to sing “Best Day of My Life” by American Authors. As Krysten and Eric’s wedding day unfolded, it was clear that their wedding day was the best day, and we wanted their wedding film to reflect that. As luck would have it, one of our music licensing sites had the song available, and we were able to tie the theme of their wedding day together with the first song in their Love Story Film. Totally unique, awesome, and freaking adorable.



After discussing the style of music Bonnie and Brian liked, Bonnie told us that Brian had always wanted an 80s music video themed wedding video. So, naturally, we made that happen during their Love Story Film, and Bonnie’s Mixed Tape of Love gift to Brian provided the start to that super fun interlude in their otherwise romantic wedding video.

80s 1980 music video theme wedding love


So do you, and dance to your own drumbeat!


If you’re getting married and are interested in having a wedding video that is tailored to you and your fiance, check out our wedding page, and contact us to start talking about telling your love story!