Wedding Tips From Your Videographer: Sparkler Exits

Let’s be honest – there’s nothing quite like a sparkler exit. It’s magical. It’s fast-paced. It’s maybe a little dangerous. It’s a heck of a lot of fun. And it’s our favorite way to kick off wedding season.

It’s also a little more complicated than you’d expect. Sendoffs generally require a little choreography and pre-planning. To help prep for your sparkler sendoff, here are our:

Top Tips for a Hitch-Free Getting-Hitched Sparkler Sendoff

Tell your guests about the sparkler exit.

If your guests don’t know that you’re planning a sparkler exit, they might leave early and miss out on the fun. This can be accomplished in several ways: include it in the itinerary, on your wedding website, on any programs, or on an adorable sign at the reception. Have your DJ announce it at the beginning of the night, and the end of the night. Tell everyone how excited you are about the sparklers. If they know you care, they will too.

Put someone in charge.

This can be your wedding planner, your maid of honor, your best friend, or your third cousin twice removed. Just make sure it is someone who will be there at the end of the night, and is okay taking charge.

Be careful.

I’m going to be a Mom here for a minute. Sorry, but not sorry.

  1. Safety first. Check with your venue about any sparkler safety rules, restrictions, or fire hazards.
  2. Safety second. Your point person should make sure there is an aisle large enough for you both to run through without getting burned. Ideally your guests will line up in two parallel lines, and will hold their sparklers up for you as you run through.
  3. Safety third. Don’t light fifty sparklers at once. You’ll have a bad time. Instead, have someone pass out the sparklers or have them ready for people to grab as they head out for the sparkler exit. Then, have multiple lighters for people to use at opposite ends of the rows, and then they can light their neighbor’s sparkler with their lit sparkler, and so on and so on like an assembly line.
  4. Safety fourth. Litterbugs aren’t cool. Have somewhere safe to dispose of the used sparklers afterwards. Your venue may be able to help with this.

The right stuff.

Get the longest sparklers you can find. The longer the sparkler = the longer they’ll burn = the longer you’re surrounded by sparkly magical beautiful fun.

Timing is everything.

Make sure you’re ready to go before the sparklers are lit, and once they’re lit, come out and have fun! Sparklers last for a short amount of time, but they last long enough for you to run through, back again, and then through again, if done right. So run through twice. Because this is likely the best sparkler exit you’ll ever get, and you should enjoy every second of it.

Keep your vendor team in the loop.

Make sure your photographers and videographers know when and where this is happening beforehand, so they can make sure they’re all set up for the magic! If there are any specific shots you want (like a dip at the end) – tell them, and they’ll help you make it happen.

Alright, let’s go play with some sparklers!

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